• Linear Flat Flag

    The most versatile flag around, fitting almost every type of post you can think of.

    Linear Flat Flag

    The Linear Flat Flag is a truly versatile design that can fit an integrated post or a banded post or column.

    The benefit of the Linear assembly is that the same extrusion can also be banded to 76mm posts or lighting columns. This keeps stock costs low, increases flexibility and makes maintenance a breeze.


    • Composite aluminium panel
    • Aluminium extrusion

    Suitable For:

  • MetroSlide

    A fully-welded aluminium folded flag; a premium flag for a premium stop.


    The Metroslide Flag is a fully welded Aluminium and hollow aluminium flag, which is strong and light weight.

    The Flag slides in to the wide channel of the VX-O post for the quickest and easiest fitting.


    • Stock widths: 300mm, 400mm and 450mm
    • Stock lengths from 435mm to 880mm
    • But just ask us for whatever custom size you need


    • Fully Welded Aluminium
    • Powder coated

    Suitable For: