• Clearway Plates

    Keep your stops open for buses with clearway plates that can fit to any post

    Clearway Plates

    Everyone seems to have a different name - clearway plate, timeplate, No Stopping signs....but whatever you call them they are totally necessary to keep bus stops open.

    Choose from one of our many stock clearway plates (that is what we call them), available for immediate delivery, or customise the hour, date, message and size for bespoke requirements.

    Most are available with industry standard sign channel. Then fix them to almost every post possible with our clever bracket, or band them with reusable tamtorques. 


    • Aluminium or composite panel sign face
    • Railed sign channel (or customised fixings if needed)

    Suitable For:

  • NFC & QR

    Make stops interactive with NFC and QR services

    NFC & QR

    Almost everyone has a smartphone. Which means that they can get real time information. But we are all pretty lazy when it comes to getting information. Which is where NFC and QR come into the picture. 

    Managing thousands of codes and tags could be really tricky, which is why we offer a specialist service to do it for you. Give us a route or an area, and we will take care of coding & printing, plus the installation of your interactive services. We even survey the GSM coverage to make sure mobile phones can get a signal! NFC and QR can be installed in timetable cases, in shelters, either as a printed card or in a sign case, so we don't even need to survey each site - our engineers can decide how to fit the interactive services when they are on site - incredibly flexible.

    Once installed, our TagTraffic service gives you management data every month for every stop telling you exactly how many passengers accessed information, even down to what phone, what time, and how many times that phone accessed the interactive service.

  • Roundels / Stop Identifiers

    Make busy bus stop clusters easy to find for your passengers with these quick change roundels

    Roundels / Stop Identifiers

    Your city centre stops are crying out for that little extra personalisation. So give them a hand with a roundel. Whatever colour, whatever graphics, we can make your bus stop clusters feel special.

    And what makes these roundels a little better is that the plate and base are bolted together. If you need to replace a broken disc, the base stays in place when the top changes. And bases can be made for any bus stop system, with interchangeable plates to keep costs down. 


    • Aluminium 3mm plate 
    • Cut vinyl, screenprint or digital graphics
    • Powdercoated to your requirement

    Suitable For:

  • SMS Plates

    The tried and trusted mobile communication platform is SMS. Available at almost any bus stop in the country.

    SMS Plates

    Ensure the www.nextbuses.mobi service is used by fitting SMS plates on to your bus stops. 

    Low cost and easy to manage, an SMS plate is the perfect way to ensure you give your passengers access to up to date information.With a variety of SMS plate types that can fit to any bus stop post, bus shelter or display case.

    Or why not integrate QR codes so that smartphone users can access the mobile web page for that bus stop?

    Because we are fantastic at managing data, we can capture your requirements quickly to produce SMS plates that are accurately located at the correct bus stop.