• EX-O 294 Timetable Case

    A wide aluminium timetable case with tough cast aluminium caps

    EX-O 294 Timetable Case

    The EX294 timetable case is an extruded aluminium section with tough aluminium caps. 

    Widths & Lengths

    A4, A4+, AA4, AA4+ and AAA4 standard

    Whatever colour.....

    No smashed end caps

    Fantastic drainage, water runs off, air gaps to stop condensation

    3mm front screen for durability

    Materials & Finish:

    • Extruded aluminium 6063 T6 alloy
    • Powdercoated to your RAL or BS choice

    Where can the EX-O fit?

  • RX210 Timetable Case

    A4 portrait width timetable case with tough aluminium caps.

    RX210 Timetable Case

    The RX210 timetable case has been designed for easy installation and maintenance. 

    By matching the visible width and polycarbonate lengths of Bissell and Trueform cases the RX210 is a direct replacement. You can interchange front screens and backing panels, plus get the added benefit of metal caps, poly that stays in place and design features that help those of you who work with cases every day. Has anyone done that before?


    • Aluminium extrusion 6063 T6
    • Cast Aluminium Caps
    • Powdercoated finish option (and no surcharge for small quantities!)

    Suitable For:

  • RX260 Timetable Case

    Middle width timetable case with a 260mm vision width. Cast aluminium caps for durability

    RX260 Timetable Case

    Like the RX210, the RX260 is a case designed to look good and behave itself. Because we also post timetables and carry out maintenance, we make sure our designs are maintenance friendly. It's a mindset that we think works.

    The RX260 matches the vision width and polycarbonate lengths of other systems, so maintenance is a doddle. Factor in a cap that (1) actually stops water getting in and (2) is easy to fit back on, you can see why the RX260 and its little brother, the 210, work so well.


    • Aluminium extrusion 6063 T6
    • AA25 Marine Grade bright silver anodised finish
    • Powdercoated finish option

    Suitable For:

  • RXH 294 Side Opening Case

    Side opening timetable cases, suitable for A4 Landscape Media

    RXH 294 Side Opening Case

    Like your cases to open from the side? Perfect, the RXH 297 is for you. The RXH comes as standard in A4 landscape vision width (that is where the 297 comes from).

    To keep it working for a long time, moving parts are rust resistant (though a drop of WD40 every year always helps), as is the body of the case. Fitting media is easy with a top and bottom clip to hold your timetable in place.

    And remember, we can print the timetables too!


    • Aluminium extrusion 6063 T6
    • AA25 Marine Grade bright silver anodised finish
    • Powdercoated finish option

    Suitable For:

  • Wing Brackets

    Superb mounting solutions for multiple Timetable Cases!

    Wing Brackets

    Designed so that it can be used on Externiture, Bissell, Trueform and Horizon cases.

    Simple to fit, strong and flexible, they can fit almost any post from 76mm to lighting columns, and system posts.

    Great for maintenance teams to have availible to solve configuration problems in almost every situation.

    Availible in two, three and four case configurations.