Externiture privacy agreement and terms of use

Written on the 13th June 2013. Updated on 18th August 2015

Hello. This is our privacy agreement and terms of use. Unlike other agreements, this is written in plain English which we hope helps.

Information we collect

When you use some of the pages on Externiture.com we ask for your name and email address. We use this inside the Mission Community page, to email you and others and to check on who you are when you log in.

We collect information about the browser you are using, how you linked to us, where you are (or your server), when you came, what you looked at and how long you stayed. This information will be used periodically to make the website better and to understand what our visitors want.

None of this information will be used or given to anyone outside of Externiture or our contractors, unless we are legally required to share it.


Our site uses cookies. These collect a little bit of information about you so we can identify (anonymously) who you are. If you just go from page to page it will tell us where you went so we can improve things like content and images. If you log in to use Mission Community we use the cookie to recall your name, email and recent use of the Mission maps. No personal information is kept on the cookie and no one else can access it.

You can, and probably should, clear this and other cookies every so often. Most browsers on computers or mobile devices make this easy. This will mean we won’t recognise you (so autofilling usernames and passwords will not work) but when you enter them again they will be remembered when another cookie is created.

Who has access to your history

Across the general website there will not be anyone who accesses your history. We can look at anonymous data but we cannot see who that was.

Any of the history from Mission Community stays there unless you request our staff to help you with something. Our staff have all agreed to protect your privacy too.

Terms of your using our service

By visiting Externiture, you (and your company or organisation) agree to what we say below. If you don’t think this is right then you should not use our site.

If you make plans based on the specifications of products or services which turn out to have errors then we apologise but we will not be liable.

If you use the Mission Community site and there are errors in the data then we cannot be held liable.

We reserve the right to remove access to any of the site at any time, although we will do our best to explain before we do.

You will promise us that you will not abuse access to Mission Community or any of the valuable documents that are on the site. Please do not give access to other people. If they want access, tell them to give us a call.

External Links

Although most of the content here comes from Externiture there may be links to other websites, called “external links”. We will do our best to ensure that these links go to safe and trusted third party websites but that cannot always be guaranteed. Please only click on these links if you think it is safe. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for any damage from third party sites.

Changes to privacy conditions

Things will change. And if we make any gigantic change to these policies we will let you know by sending you an email or making it very clear on the site.

Thanks for reading

We are Externiture, the easiest bus stop company on the planet to deal with. So if you have a query or two ping us an email ping us and we will get back to you in two shakes of the lamb’s proverbial.

This is serious

We want to make this clear. And to make it clear that the aims of this document are something we take seriously. This forms a legal agreement under UK law.

More information about Data Protection can be found here.