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Externiture is a leading provider of bus shelters, bus stop infrastructure and bus shelter/stop maintenance to the entire United Kingdom. Working alongside the largest County Councils and PTEs, as well as the smallest Town and Parish Councils, we provide an outstanding level of accuracy and service by continuously enhancing our internal systems, software and management capability.

We believe that it is our proven method of working, our internal software/technology investment and our consistent staff development that ensure we scope and manage small, location-based projects so effectively.

We also provide civil engineering services - especially concerning bus shelters - but also cycle paths, footways and connecting footways - i.e. anything that needs small, location-based project execution.

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a wide range of bus shelter options, we help you every step of the way

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Flags, posts, cases and temporary stops

together, we work to give passengers the information they need

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Bus Shelter

from ad-hoc to fully managed bus stop maintenance

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& Design

the seamless union of print, design and bus stop data

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small, location-based groundworks projects

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Transport Software

imagine a place where timetables, assets and service data is united

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