from ad-hoc to fully managed bus stop maintenance

Managing thousands of different sites might be tricky for many, but we will solve these headaches. Comprehensive services including cleaning, timetable posting, service graphics changes, routine inspection to flag, case and post maintenance.

Our engineers cover the UK, giving you the hand you need to make the information and infrastructure across your area meet passenger expectations.

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Bus Stop Maintenance

Maintaining bus stops can be the most expensive and difficult to manage part of public transport infrastructure. With thousands of sites to manage, keeping on top of the daily wear and tear can be taxing.

Externiture steps in to keep all your bus stops fully maintained and safe for transit passengers, at a price point that doesn't break the budget. And importantly, because of our access to bus stop data, we must be the most efficient and easy to deal with maintenance provider, giving you back precious time.


Our bus stop maintenance services include:

  • Repair or replacement for damaged infrastructure.
  • Securing sites to ensure passenger safety.
  • Placing a temporary flag when needed.
  • Sourcing and installing replacement components.


Whether you have a problem with vandalism or the weather taking its toll, Externiture is ready with a maintenance solution. With a nationwide network of maintenance professionals, we can help keep your bus stops safe, clean and in good working order.

Bus Shelter Maintenance

Externiture's nationwide service is a comprehensive package of preventive and responsive maintenance to extend the life and quality of your shelters. You might have hundreds to maintain, but we have the capacity to make that a much easier and better value for you.

Our services include:

  • Fast-response make-safe and repair service.
  • Scheduled maintenance programmes.
  • Installation and manufacture of spare parts.
  • Monitoring of asset condition to assist maintenance programming.

Our nationwide service includes both planned and emergency maintenance, so you can rest easy about the condition of every shelter. Plus, we capture images of the finished work, so you know it was done on time and to your standards.

Shelter Cleaning

Would you look through a grimy piece of glass to see what is inside? Shelters are the shop window of the public transport network.

We offer a comprehensive, national bus shelter cleaning service, and we make it easy for you with our planning capability. Once we know where your shelters are, leave it up to us to create a schedule and plan our work.

What you will get from our cleaning service:

  • Scheduled or deep cleaning options
  • Photographs of completed work
  • Defect notification
  • A hassle-free planning service


If you are looking for a long-term, scheduled cleaning service or a once-off deep clean of your existing stock, call Externiture on 01635 862 100 for a quotation.

Timetable Posting

Getting timetables to each stop requires experience, knowledge and the right processes. With our systems, Externiture can deliver a nationwide timetable posting service with excellent accuracy

Planning work across hundreds of locations is what we do best. With our custom-designed work management software, our planners can create work programmes that take our roadside team to every single bus stop, quickly and effectively.


What you will get from our posting service:

  • Timetables posted when you want them done
  • Photographs of every completed posting
  • A record of each timetable posted
  • A hassle-free planning service


There is no need to hold our hand. Once we know what we have to do, we work out where we have to do it, freeing you up to get on with other tasks. Hand over the hassle to Externiture's master roadside teams.

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