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Bus Stop Maintenance

Maintaining bus stops can be the most expensive and difficult to manage part of public transport infrastructure. With thousands of sites to manage, keeping on top of the daily wear and tear can be taxing.

Externiture steps in to keep all your bus stops fully maintained and safe for transit passengers, at a price point that doesn't break the budget. And importantly, because of our access to bus stop data, we must be the most efficient and easy to deal with maintenance provider, giving you back precious time.


Our bus stop maintenance services include:

  • Repair or replacement for damaged infrastructure.
  • Securing sites to ensure passenger safety.
  • Placing a temporary flag when needed.
  • Sourcing and installing replacement components.


Whether you have a problem with vandalism or the weather taking its toll, Externiture is ready with a maintenance solution. With a nationwide network of maintenance professionals, we can help keep your bus stops safe, clean and in good working order.