As part of our ongoing DDA work for Oxfordshire we have been improving access to bus stops across the county.

Below are images from three of the stops we have been working on: Our Ladys (Abingdon), Radley College and Rock Farm Lane.

Our Ladys (Abingdon)

All the kerbs here were 0mm so the footway has been built up and 140mm kerbs put in to meet DDA compliance. However, we did leave some dropped kerbs in place to allow access to/from the other side of the road.

Radley College

For Radley College, please see the images below. You can see the mark-up given to the Externiture civils engineering crew. The orginal kerb height was high enough to comply with the DDA requirements so this did not need adjusting. However, there were no dropped kerbs so we have put these in. The existing footway was too narrow and had grass patches growing over it, so we widened the footway and laid new tarmac for the whole area. In addition Oxfordshire council had also requested a shelter base to be added as they expected that a bus shelter would be needed in the future. Finally the gap between the railings was too small, so these had to be adjusted.

Rock Farm Lane

Whilst the kerb heights here were ok, there was no access to/from the other side of the road and the path from the footway to the bus stop was too narrow. So, this has been widened and dropped kerbs put in on both sides of the road.