This is part of a wider project that Externiture are providing to Central Bedfordshire and it neatly demonstrates our ability to deliver "everything bus stop related".

The project consists of 2 hardstandings, both of which include dropped kerbs. It is, of course, all full DDA compliant - demonstrating some of our Civil Engineering ability. On one of the hardstandings, we extended it into the existing footway so that it created a repair of an unevan crack/surface - making it safer for passengers when boarding the buses.

And each shelter is provided with power so that they are ready for future Real Time Information (RTI) requirements. (See the Haldo Pillar next to the shelter in the pictures below)

We have a long standing history of timetable creation, timetable case provision - as well as branding and promotional print (we have print presses in-house). Each bus stop was constructed with a "Double Royal" sized timetable/poster case.

Of course, each shelter is uniquely thought-through and constructed in a way which suits its usage, access, location and requirements. In this case, you can see that one of the shelters has full sized end/side panels, where as the other only has 1/4 sized end panels. Why? Because we have taken into account the available space for users to access and approach the shelter and adjusted the configuration accordingly.

As well as this, these shelters have solid back panels due to the trees/hedging behind them. If we had used see-through polycarbonate on the back panels, it would mean that any "green" from the trees would rapidly attach to the polycarbonate and make the shelter look dirty. By having solid panels, the maintenance and cleaning requirement is reduced and the shelter looks smarter for longer.

It has also got solid roofs. Once again, due to their proximity to trees, the solid roof stays 'smarter' for longer and reduces the amount of cleaning that would be needed if the roof was see-through polycarbonate.

All the kind of things we think about here at Externiture, so that our customers can have the best, smartest and most effective bus shelters possible.