Thame, in Oxfordshire, had developer contribution to put two premium bus shelters in a new development, plus an additional third shelter nearby.

Regretfully, the proposed shelter locations hadn't been fully considered previously. However, no problem for us (we're good at small civil engineering jobs) and we put in new hardstandings to accommodate the shelters.

Due to the position of the bus shelters (they are 'in the open'), Thame wanted all 3 bay enclosed bus shelters to offer more protection for passengers from the weather. No problem either. And we suggested that the seats could conveniently only span 2 shelter bays - in order to allow space for passengers with buggies or wheelchairs to stand inside the bus shelter. This also means some space is available for people to read the timetables in the poster case.


Site 1 – Garsington Drive

As you can see from the original site visit image (below), the flag had been put on very high onto the lighting column and the bus shelter is intended to go on the footpath with the passengers facing the on-coming bus.

thame 001

The site is sloping (down from the houses to the road) so we needed to ensure we dug the footings correctly.

thame 001

And use leg extensions to ensure the bus shelter is level.

item image

This is a premium (City Light), 3-bay, fully enclosed shelter with one front panel and a 'double royal' sized poster case


Site 2 - Warren Mead

Thame wanted the bus shelter in the area in the picture below. However, there are newly planted trees and flags all the way along. No problem for Externiture. We worked out we could do it by removing one flag pole to make space.

thame 001


 thame 001

 We built an L shaped hardstanding to accommodate the shelter and space for passengers.

thame 005

The finished shelter and hardstanding exceeds DDA guidelines for access for all passengers and also is enclosed with one front panel to offer greater protection for passengers.

thame 006


Site 3 – Lord Williams Upper School

This site required more civils work as the footway wasn’t wide enough for a shelter, the bin needed moving and the area behind the bin slopes away.

thame 007


thame 008

Externiture constructed a 5m x 1.6m concrete bus shelter base for the bus shelter with a tarmac top. The area behind dropped away by 200mm so it needed building up and shuttering. The bin needed to be relocated to beside the pole.

Work in progress image below.

thame 009

Finished bus shelter below. The shelter is in a more exposed location so has 2 enclosed front panels.

thame 010