Mono Shelter 2B FEP RTI

Mono is the one bus shelter to cover every need, subtly superior to all others in its class, and suitable for both urban and rural areas. It is easy to customise and designed to work equally well on its own or as part of a modular build for stations and interchanges.

Mono is an incredibly flexible modular bus shelter. Each Mono uses a common base aluminium framework which can be fitted with three different roof types, as well as bee-friendly green roofs. It is designed to be easily manufactured, installed and maintained. Accessories can be fitted at the time of installation or easily retro fitted at a later date.



A bee-friendly green roof can be fitted to the common base framework. Installing a wildflower and sedum green roof reduces the shelter’s carbon footprint, improves biodiversity and cools the planet, while also making the shelter lovely to look at. Green roofs play a major role in creating Sustainable urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), as water takes longer to run off into the drains, aiding evaporation and alleviating the urban heat island effect. Externiture green roofs are specially created to attract bees and butterflies, which contributes to environmental health and biodiversity.


Setting the Mono apart is the flexibility to change from enclosed to a true cantilever by opting for steel gantries which make the Mono ideal for advertising usage.

  • 10-year guarantee
  • Aluminium frame and roof
  • Optional steel/stainless steel cantilever gantry
  • Spigot-mounted
  • Full RTPI compatibility – as standard
  • 6mm polycarbonate or toughened glass as standard


The standard Mono has a 1.175m post pitch. This gives 1.1m clear between posts for access when no glazing is in place. This pitch is used on the side glazing (parallel with the road) and the full end panel (FEP) glazing.

The Mono is mounted on spigots -easy to install and adjust on site, and perfect sloping sites.


  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminium framework (standard or cycle height)
  • Powdercoated in any RAL or BS colour
  • Steel cantilever gantry option



  • Barrel Vault (BVR), Pitched (PR) and Flat Roof (FR) options
  • Integrated green roof choices
  • Clear, bronzed or solid roof panelling



  • Polycarbonate or toughened glass (6-10mm)
  • Perforated or solid aluminium
  • Gaskets all sides



  • Adjustable spigots fixed below surface or bolted down
  • Cantilever gantries (adjustable height) fixed in concrete foundations



  • Bay width standard sizes: 1175mm and 1375mm
  • Roof width 1000mm to 1600mm



  • Quarter (QEP), half (HEP) or full ends (FEP)
  • Cantilever ends (NEP)
  • Front panels (FP)
  • Rear entry / front exit (REFE)



  • RTPI brackets (ensures clearance of 2150mm) with enclosed cable routing
  • Poster cases / timetable cases
  • Flag post



  • Perch seat
  • Bench seat (with/without handles)



  • Integrated LED channel lighting for mains or solar power



  • Mains or Solar power
  • Solar PV panels with controller
  • Battery enclosure at low level for easy access
  • Feeder Pillar (galvanised/stainless steel) root fixed with IP67 enclosure



Download our Mono Bus Shelter range brochure here



The Mono is available in 2 standard heights:

2.1m clearance to the underside of the RTI unit (standard)
2.4m clearance to the underside of the RTI unit (shared footway/cycle path)



Reduce maintenance requirements with a solid panel roof. These are a very popular choice as the solid panel hides dirt and tree sap from the passengers below.



The Mono is built to last the test of time, with heavy duty extrusion and fully retained glazing that encloses the panel on all four sides to provide rigidity.

The glazing system is enclosed on all four sides and fixed to the leg as a separate entity: this makes it easy to adjust, retrofit or extend. A gasket gives a clean finish and stops the glass moving. The top, middle and bottom rails are identical: this reduces the number of parts needed for fixing. The same components are used whether you fit the system to multi-bay full end panels or single-bay no end panels: this significantly reduces installation, repair and maintenance costs.



Mono’s innovative electrical system is designed to be vandal resistant but easy for technicians to install, augment and repair. Hidden space for cabling runs through the legs and throughout the structure. Every shelter is prepared for power, even if you do not need it right away.

Solar panels can be installed to power the lighting, and battery-powered RTI units can be used in sites without mains power. The same feeder pillar structure is used for both solar system batteries and mains distribution – reducing the burden of different parts.



Mono was designed with real time information in mind. Intuitive bracketry makes cabled or battery-powered displays easy to fit at any time. Future accessories can be installed without disruption.

Our partnership with Vix Technology creates a true off-grid, low-maintenance transport hub, with battery-powered RTPI units and solar-powered lighting integrated into the structure.


Externiture are proud to be a full service company. The shelter is one part of the solution. Our groundworks capability means we can be the one contractor you choose to create footways and accessible kerbs, as well as the shelter – keeping costs down and making life a lot less complicated for you.

Our team is available at 01635 862 100 or get in touch through the contact form.