Larger Waiting Shelters for NHS Hospitals, Supermarkets, Universities and Local Authorities

Waiting Shelters for Social Distancing

In light of the social distancing requirements brought in by the need to reduce virus infections, we have had a number of enquiries about building shelters which, primarily are not intended to be bus shelters.

These larger shelters are for organisations like the NHS, Supermarkets, Universities, Local Authorities and commercial businesses who have customers that need to wait outside.

During the summer months, this was not necessarily a problem, but now that winter is approaching, sheltering from the weather and waiting for an appointment - whilst maintaining social distancing - requires some thinking.

Traditional structures, such as large steel shelters and waiting areas, have been an expensive investment in the past. However, smart organisations have realised that, by using Externiture's capabilities with Bus Shelters, they can have an equally (if not more) robust, enclosed, large and spacious shelter for people at a lower cost than "the old way".

Large Shelter Images

We are currently building larger shelters for a number of organisation such as hospitals, supermarkets, universities and local authorities. As soon as we have new images we'll put them up for you. In the mean time, here are just a very small selection of some of the larger bus shelters we have built in the past.



Southend Hospital Large Waiting Shelter
Southend Hospital Large Waiting Shelter
Southend Hospital Large Waiting Shelter
Southend Hospital Large Waiting Shelter
Double Width Bus Shelter
Shelters for Universities
Extra large shelter for National Express - with lockable office
Double width large shelter
Large passenger waiting shelter
University waiting shelter
Large shelters ideal for social distancing

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