Almost everyone has a smartphone. Which means that they can get real time information. But we are all pretty lazy when it comes to getting information. Which is where NFC and QR come into the picture. 

Managing thousands of codes and tags could be really tricky, which is why we offer a specialist service to do it for you. Give us a route or an area, and we will take care of coding & printing, plus the installation of your interactive services. We even survey the GSM coverage to make sure mobile phones can get a signal! NFC and QR can be installed in timetable cases, in shelters, either as a printed card or in a sign case, so we don't even need to survey each site - our engineers can decide how to fit the interactive services when they are on site - incredibly flexible.

Once installed, our TagTraffic service gives you management data every month for every stop telling you exactly how many passengers accessed information, even down to what phone, what time, and how many times that phone accessed the interactive service.