Sharp Bus Shelters - A modern design with a refined touch.

Graphic design and print services to the transport sector, especially, buses is a specialism we have been delivering to councils and bus operator for years. There is a skill to it that is honed over time - to produce eye-catching, on-brand messaging that is rapidly understood by a 'moving customer' who doesn't always have time to plough through the detail.

We have a dedicated in-house graphics design studio and print/production team who have decades of experience in marketing, branding, graphic design and communications - and bring that to your communications assets.


Bus timetables are intricate, complex and each one is unique. We specialise in bus timetables. We understand the finer details required, the nuances needed and the branding/communications requirement. That is why we built Crosstown Bus Timetable generation software. As a result of our long-standing involvement in the bus industry and our unique software, we are able to rapidly work on, manipulate, change and render thousands of bus stop timetables and get them printed, routed and put up in your bus stops. All part of the Externiture services.

Route Number Graphics

As with timetables, there is a requirement for your print provider to fully understand the complexities of route number graphics. Our in house team 'get' what's needed and ar adept at producing large quantities of highly accurate, unique graphics in 'production order' - all batched, routed and allocated to ATCO Codes. We can then apply the grahics to the correct flag-type and our field-service team can install them for you.

Flag Faces

Revitalise bus stop flags. Add stop-specific graphics with the company who understands bus stops better than anyone else.

NFC or QR Codes

We are experts at handling and working with data. As with timetables and route number graphics, this graphics team does more than just making things look nice. We integrate Atco Codes (from Naptan) with timetable data with comms data (e.g. info, URLs etc) and can generate hunreds of unique, stop-specific NFC/QR codes. We can then print, laminate, mount onto plates.

Posters and Comms

Whether it is providing advice about local services, Covid-19 information, maps or even mental health awareness, we are able to work with your Comms team and deliver high-quality graphic-design and print services. Everything is "on brand" and we ensure that we match your fonts, layout/design guides and colours to ensure the final assets are exactly how you need them.






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