Working with local authorities nationwide, Externiture is a 'go to' provider for bus stop installation an infrastructure. Our service encompasses everything related to bus shelters including manufacture, infrastructure, civil engineering, maintenance, print and design and transport software. This is why we would never have installed a shelter in the following case.

Where’s the bus?

Earlier this year a bus stop pole was upgraded to a bus shelter on Tickhill Road, Maltby, South Yorkshire. Under normal circumstances this would have passed without incident.  It was a great location for shoppers who would visit a new Home Bargains supermarket that was being constructed in the area.  However, nobody checked modifications that had been made to the bus timetable a month prior to the installation.

Prospective passengers would have been waiting a very long time for a bus considering Tickhill Road was taken off the bus route. Oops.

Bus transport software

The property developer paid £6,000 for the bus stop pole and had planning approval for it. We appreciate that Council planning officials and all involved in the bus stop installation process are extremely busy. However, the expense and effort could have been saved if Externiture had been the supplier because our dedicated, in-house software and installation processes would have prevented such an event.

All is not lost in that the pole has been transformed into a shelter where people can sit. As they wistfully wish a bus might arrive, they can read information on the panels and take refuge from the rain.  A roof has been installed over the shelter.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) promised to review its installation procedures so that this type of error would not be repeated. No need though – Externiture have the processes, management and procedures already worked out. Just use us next time.

Additional Printing error

So, it turns out that the bus shelter could be relocated to nearby 'Hamilton Road' and was marked accordingly.

However, Eagle eyed locals spotted a printing error on the shelter. Someone clearly didn’t proofread the signage before applying it and ‘Hamilton Road’ had been printed incorrectly. Because Externiture utilise the Trans Exchange data directly for our print and design operations, it’s highly unlikely this mistake could have happened on our watch. It’s the small attentions to detail that really make the difference. The images and full story about this debacle can be accessed by clicking here.

Professional bus stop installation

As manufacturers, suppliers and installers of everything involved in bus stop installation we are awe inspired that this shelter exists in its current location.  As professionals, we do extensive research into every project, leaving nothing to chance.

We would love SYPTE to contact us should they require help or advice about how to prevent errors like these in the future. Whether it is the location of a shelter or the cables and pipes running underneath an installation, we have the process and checks to ensure mistakes are avoided.

 We take the pain out of proofreading, scanning for underground mains services, checking bus timetables and much more.