Externiture won the contract to re-vinyl existing bus stop flags that Cheshire West & Chester had in stock, re-vinyl some of their ‘on-street’ bus stop flags as well as supply new bus stop flags.

This was a complex project with 1406 stops and a large variation in flag types, brackets and fixing types. This meant that, in order for us to provide the right flags at the right sizes with the right data on, we needed accurate survey data to be provided. Sadly, although Externiture excel at bus stop surveys, Cheshire West & Chester did not use us for this crucial part of the work as the decision criteria was based soley on price.

1406 bus stops looks something like the map image below. Complex and high volume.

Cheshire West and Chester - map of bus shelter locations

Why Externiture?

With our in-house software and our highly skilled planning team, we can “salami slice” this massive bus stop mash-up into workable, comprehensive, individual routes - working along one side of the route and then the other side for maximum travel efficiencies and safety.

A single route, broken down into 1 day’s work, then starts to look like this:

revinyl route broken into smaller, workable chunks

The circles denote which side of the road the stop is on so you can see we are working in a logical order. Where one route ends the next one starts. Pretty clever stuff.

This enables us to breakdown all the stops into individual routes across the whole area. Although a considerable task to plan and manage this much work across this many stops, this is what Externiture is best at when it comes to larger projects. i.e. making complex bus stop projects simple.

Just to demonstrate some of the discrepancies in the survey data, this (below) was the first bus stop we came to - which was surveyed as “no issues “:

This bus shelter was recorded as requiring no work.

There were significant errors on the survey data. For example:

  • Bus stops that that didn't actually exist.
  • Additional bus stops that we found that weren't recorded at all.
  • Incorrect flag types
  • Incorrect fixing types, sizes, locations etc

As a result, we regretfully had to arrange multiple revisits and provide an additional layer of management and quality control onto the project in order to achieve the level of standards we had promised Cheshire West & Chester.

However, at the end of the project, Cheshire West & Chester had a complete set of bus stops/shelters re-vinyled correctly by our team.

The client then received all the “work done” pictures by Dropbox - with every bus stop image uniquely identified by bus stop name and ATCO code - so they had an accurate database of all their stops with a full length picture shown from direction of travel.

Here at Externiture, we excel at bus stop surveys because we understand bus stops – their configuration, their complexity and their quirks. More crucially, we understand the significance and implications of the survey data requirements and the impact it has on future project execution. We know that, when you are printing graphics, factors such as the flag-size, bracket-type and bracket location are all crucial to success.

When it comes to bus stop/shelter surveys, we have the in-house software as well as the management experience to deliver. We believe that going anywhere else is often a false economy.

If you require a survey, please call us on 01635 862100.

Some examples of the different flags are below: