The pandemic has brought so many issue to the transport industry. Keeping timetables updated has been a challenge but technology helps. For one client, Hampshire County Council, having QR codes at over 3000 bus stops keeps information flowing when timetables change rapidly.

QR codes are now understood by people in the UK. We now all know how to check in at a destination to help track and trace, but before this QR had not been adopted across the board. Perhaps that is now changing because we know how to use QR codes. Across Hampshire the use of QR codes remains good, even when passenger numbers have fallen. In the last three months, usage across the network was back at pre-COVID levels, showing that this path to information is becoming more understood, and more important.

The system Hampshire use provides the council with GDPR-compliant data about when and where passengers access information, which is valuable and can help with information planning. The QR code is read by mobile device and the URL/request passes through a secure Externiture server and onto the final timetable information webpage. The passenger does not even really notice the journey of their request – they just get accurate, stop-specific real time and scheduled information on their phone.

The advantage of this system is that if the URL where the real time information comes from changes, it only needs a change on a server, not a change to the QR code itself.

Externiture have the capability to plan the installation of your QR network. We work with you to map where you want to put your QR signs, produce site specific graphics, and then install the displays for you. Our Work Management software tracks each installation so you can be confident that all your signs have been installed at the correct location.

We know that we will get back to normal some time this year. We hope this means stable bus services. But in the meantime, where services can change rapidly, giving your passengers a URL/link to the latest information can be achieved quickly through our QR signs.

Our priority is the health of everyone working here. We have adopted rigorous processes so our colleagues can work safely in the factory and on the street. If you think that a QR network could augment your bus stop network, please call Externiture on 01635 862 100 to discuss how we can support you.